Background Check Services

Different types of businesses have different needs when preforming employee background checks. Because of this, we thought it was a good idea to investigate which vendors have the best services to suite diverse business needs. Based on a number of factors like cost, ease of use, type of criminal search conducted, and timeliness among other things, we narrowed down a list of employee screening companies that impressed us with their level of customer service, the ease of gathering background reports, and site navigation.

Here is a list of dependable background check vendors:

AdvancedBackgroundCheck.comThis service allows you to learn more about a person by searching their current and previous addresses, phone numbers, criminal records, census records, business associates, bankruptcies, property records, and marriage and divorce records. Both free and paid memberships are available.

BackTrack – BackTrack offers several services, in addition to background checks, like drug screening, I-9 employment verification, assessment testing, payroll services, and applicant tracking. When you conduct a background check using BackTrack, criminal and court records; employment, education and credential verification; credit history; and driving history will all be included.

Checkr – This company allows businesses to run automatic background checks with the web application RESTful API. Browsing and evaluating reports is easier than ever with the color coded dashboard. Checkr is compliant with state and federal employment laws, which allows the business to use modern encryption to transfer and store user information.

Data Facts– Data Facts has been a provider of extensive background check for the last 27 years. In addition to background checks, this vendor also provides assessment screening, drug testing, volunteer/student screening, and applicant tracking. Data Facts recently started offering infinity screening, social media screening, Social Security verification, and tax-return verification.

Private Eyes – Private Eyes Inc. provides a comprehensive screening for job candidates. In conjunction with a background check, the company also does education verification, Social Security background checks, drug screening, physicals, driver qualification file maintenance, and motor vehicle record checks. The industries served by Private Eyes include health care, transportation, retail and food and beverage.

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