Beware of Bogus IRS Phone Calls and Emails

Tax season is here, and unfortunately that means more email and phone scams from criminals claiming to be from the IRS.  The IRS is aware of this particular scam. But we must beware!

Lewis & Knopf would like to remind you that the IRS will NEVER randomly call or email you regarding your tax information.  If there is a problem with your tax return or account, the IRS will first make contact by mail.  The IRS will not ask for your Social Security Number; demand immediate payment; require you to use a specific payment method; ask for credit or debit card numbers; threaten to bring in law enforcement.


Should you receive such calls, hang up immediately. You may file a complaint at with the Federal Trade Commission.

If you receive an email, DO NOT click on the links provided in the message. Simply delete the email. To learn more, visit

If you have further questions or concerns please contact one of our team members at 810.238.4617.