Build a Strong Business Relationship

Business relationships, like any other, need nurturing, communication and patience in order to become (and stay) harmonious.

By following these tips, you can build a strong foundation:

1. Avoid Overpromising and Underperforming
You always want your clients feeling as though you’re providing them with real value and surpassing their expectations is a superb way to do that.

2. Respect Deadlines
The world runs on deadlines and not honoring them is unprofessional.

3. Provide Regular Updates
As your team is knocking out the task you’ve been hired to complete, keep your client updated every (major) step of the way.

4. Communicate with Your Clients in the Manner(s) They Prefer
Some organizations prefer e-mail, while others may prefer phone calls or, whenever possible, a handshake and in-person meeting.

5. Ask Questions, and Then Really Listen
When first getting to know your clients and their expectations, ask a lot of questions.

6. Think Systemically and Grasp the Bigger Picture
Once you have the smaller picture outlined (specific services, deadlines, etc), find out more about the larger picture into which it will fit.

7. Tailor Your Work to Their Needs
Your clients don’t want your general, big-box, copy-and-paste work.

8. Run Relevant Promotions and Discounts
If you notice one of your clients beginning to waver in their dedication to your business, consider reeling them back in with a discount promotion.

9. Understand That What You Think Is Best and What the Client Wants May Not Overlap
This is especially true for businesses hired to produce more creative solutions.

10. Send Short and Smart Surveys
When used wisely, an unobtrusive survey is a very effective follow-up marketing tool.

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