How Can Your Small Business Take Action Against Rising Theft and Shoplifting?

This article explains how shoplifters are stealing thousands of dollars from big and small retailers, and how the smaller retailers are handling the situation. Derek Friedman, a small business owner, says that since 2019 shoplifting has been a big financial issue with losses totaling over $200,000. Friedman also said he does not turn in all of the claims to his insurance for fears of being dropped. Friedman has recently implanted a 1% crime-spike fee to help offset his losses at four of his hardest-hit Denver stores. Another small business owner, Caroline Cho, has been fighting off shoplifters at Sneaker City, which has been in her family for three decades. Her solution, for the time being, was to let customers only try on one shoe at a time. Check out the original article for more suggestions.

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