Making Your Business and You Stand Out



For businesses to succeed, they need to stand out. Whether companies are courting investors or customers, years of hard work mean nothing without a good first impression. Below are a few easy ways that business owners can illuminate their brands.

Choose a Good Story Over Listing Facts

Telling a story is one of the easiest ways to keep people attentive while you pitch an idea or product. In general, the hardest part of a meeting is keeping the audience’s attention. As a rule of thumb, making 65 percent of your presentation into a personal story will help to drastically increase audience attention. By creating a personal bond with your audience, they focus and dose less. Companies seem to forget how useful the ancient art of storytelling can be to convey their points. If you have suffered hardship, don’t be afraid to share your experiences. Pain is a powerful mechanism of storytelling, it can build an emotional bond with the audience.

Create a Good Guy and a Bad Guy

No good story is complete without a bad guy, and it usually is this force of evil that gives the other characters a reason to join forces. Keep your collective audience on the edge of their seats by vilifying a key component in your presentation. Creating a character like a giant debt monster will not only get your audience invested in what you’re saying, but it will also allude the idea that something or someone has to protect them from this villain, and who is better suited to do that than the financial advisor hero. Take the opportunity to creatively persuade the audience that they can employ their financial organization to battle their monsters.

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