Security Measures for Your Smartphone

Losing your smart phone can be stressful, as it keeps you from making phone calls, sending texts or even checking your Facebook account. However, these things can easily be replaced. The greatest repercussion you may feel if you lose your smart phone is security. Anyone who finds it may be able to access your bank accounts, passwords and much more. Hackers can also get information through your emails and even use your contacts for phishing schemes. Here are some ways to protect your identity in case your phone goes missing:

Preventive measures
One simple thing you can do to increase your phone’s security is put a password on your lock screen. In addition, don’t use an obvious PIN and hide your phone if you’re entering the code around strangers. Another security measure you can take is logging out of your applications when you’re finished using them.

If your phone disappears
Most phones allow you to install a location-tracking app in case you lose or misplace it. It’s also smart to set up your phone so that you can remotely erase its data. Be sure to back it up to your Google or iCloud account before doing so though.

Malware and more
With malware, hackers can collect information without even having possession of your phone. Malware can come in the form of suspicious-looking texts that prompt you to click on a link. There are antivirus protection programs available, but you may want to wait until they improve to purchase them.

Using unsecured Wi-Fi and leaving your Bluetooth connection open can also make your phone vulnerable to hackers. For more information, please visit Kiplinger Magazine.