Three Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Whether you’re a young entrepreneur running a start-up company or a seasoned manager at one the largest companies in the world, the morale of your employees is crucial to being successful. Employees want to feel appreciated; they want to know why they’re coming to work each day and if what they’re doing is making a difference. Helping employees develop a sense of purpose will allow you to discover great ideas, retain the best employees and do some good in the world. Here are several ways to boost employee morale:

Cultivate stories of self: Encourage employees to develop “stories of self” by reflecting on why they chose to work for your organization. This will help them understand why their work is important and rewarding.

Contextualize your mission: Help employees identify themselves as part of bigger whole working toward a common goal. By sharing insight on your company’s history, mission and goals, your employees will feel more connected to the company.

Empower intrapreneurs: These are the individuals who reshape companies for the better from within the company. Create an environment that is conducive for intrapreneurs by allowing them to act on the best ideas coming in from employees throughout the company.

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