Tips for Saving Big Bucks

With the current economic situation, people are always looking for new and easy ways to save money. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Dump the TV. There’s no need for it anymore with the Internet that lets you watch shows for free.

Switch banks or credit card companies. A credit union or community bank may be cheaper than the bank you’re using now.

Refinance your home. Take advantage of the low interest rates because they won’t last forever.

Use eBay and Craigslist more. Sell things on eBay instead of throwing them out.

Volunteer. If there’s an expensive event you really want to go to, offer to volunteer at it. You’ll get in for free but still get to enjoy yourself.

Get creative with vacations. Look into house swapping instead of paying for a hotel. Also, using websites like can help save a little extra money.

For more ideas, visit The Wall Street Journal.