Which Browser Works Best with QBO?

We know not all browsers are the same due to changes and updates that are constantly made. Luckily, Intuit specifies that Google Chrome (41, or later), Firefox (36, or later), Internet Explorer 10 (or later) and Safari 6.2(or later) are compatible with QuickBooks Online. Although most users report fewer problems and better performance on Google Chrome, there are still some ways you can troubleshoot if you are experiencing issues on any of the aforementioned browsers.

1.      Keep Your Browser Up-To-Date:Frequent updates are released to fix bugs, increase security and help your browser run smoother all around. Make sure to keep up with these to have the best online experience with QuickBooks.

2.      Update Related 3rd Party Plugins and Extensions:You’ve probably seen Java and Flash pop-ups and ignored them in the past, but updating these plugins are key to your browser’s “health”.

3.      Close Other Programs When Not in Use:The more programs that are running, the better the chance your QuickBooks Online application will run slow.

4.      Disable Browser Plugins and Extensions that are Not Needed: Just as with the programs, running a plugin when it is not in use will increase the time your QuickBooks Online program takes to complete tasks.

5.      Use QuickBooks App for Windows: This is a great way to access QuickBooks Online straight from your desktop. It allows you to use multiple windows and keyboard shortcuts, along a myriad of other offerings that provide a very user-friendly experience.

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