Update to Lewis & Knopf’s COVID-19 Strategy

All information is based on our current understanding as of the date that it is posted. Please keep in mind this information is changing rapidly – it can and likely will change. Some information becomes outdated the same date it posted. Although we will monitor and update this page as new information becomes available, please do not rely solely on this page. We encourage you to contact your Lewis & Knopf advisor for the latest information.

On March 11, the World Health Organization characterized COVID-19 as a pandemic. Because of this, many businesses, including schools, entertainment venues, and restaurants, are closing their doors temporarily.

While we technically remain open during this busy time of year, we are severely limiting the number of team members within our physical offices at this time. The majority of our team will move to a remote environment for the foreseeable future.


Effective Tuesday March 17, in an effort to practice social distancing as much as possible, we ask that you refrain from visiting our office at this time. You may still drop information off in our drop box or the box located just inside the vestibule doors of our offices. Our reception area doors will be locked.

Communication with your accountant can be via e-mail or phone calls. Our Team has been instructed to check their voice mails periodically throughout the day.

Our anticipation is that the work on your tax returns shall not be disrupted during this time. We are encouraging the use of e-filing and e-signing documents to limit face-to-face interactions. We hope that you are understanding of our need to change the way we work as our office responds to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

We encourage you to reach out directly to your tax advisor with any concerns regarding this announcement.

Best Regards,

Gregory G. Waller, CPA
Managing Principal
Lewis & Knopf