Accounting Associate

We are currently seeking an accounting associate who will process accounting transactions, prepare reports within established firm and accounting guidelines, prepare basic- to moderate- level tax returns, and other duties as assigned by their supervisor(s)

Required Education and Experience

Education and experience working with accounting systems a plus but not required.


Other Competency Requirements (knowledge, skills, abilities)

Client Development

  • Maintain strong knowledge of other firm products and services
  • Recognize prospective client relationships and seek others in the firm who can help develop them

Client Management

  • Develop strong working relationships with appropriate client personnel (especially financial personnel)
  • Understand clients’ business and unique industry aspects
  • Attend client meetings as required or requested
  • Develop line of questioning to determine client needs
  • Assist in identifying client business issues and solutions
  • Coordinate with client to gather information and answer questions
  • Handle, with input and supervision, a wide variety of correspondence, resolve problems, and write responses

Technical Expertise & Work Quality

  • Demonstrate strong written, oral communication, and listening skills
  • Perform research, and reach logical, well-supported technical conclusions
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Demonstrate analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrate good judgment skills
  • Demonstrate self-review skills
  • Demonstrate proficient use of firm software and departmental software applications including QuickBooks
  • Possess extensive accounting knowledge and routinely use it to understand and document client accounting systems
  • Ensure that journal entries are complete, correct and signed by relevant parties
  • Review account reconciliations; investigate unusual items; ensure they have been signed by relevant parties
  • Possess general knowledge of accounting principles and standards, and stay abreast of new developments
  • Develop and/or supervise the development of client correspondence
  • Prepare and review reports that meet the needs of the user(s)
  • Demonstrate awareness of proper standard and non-standard work paper documentation skills
  • Demonstrate organizational and time/project management skills
  • Demonstrate, utilize and prepare business tax returns for assigned write-up clients

Personal Participation and Professional Development

  • Follow regulations and professional ethics of the AICPA and the State society
  • Participate in formal staff training and firm-related activities
  • Attend department meetings as required
  • Seek training and professional development opportunities
  • Seek opportunity for greater responsibility
  • Access industry information sources, analyze the contents and make practical application to everyday operations
  • Read materials to improve technical knowledge (e.g., technical journals, professional publications, etc.)
  • Observe professional dress code policy

Leading & Developing Others

  • Assist others in finding chargeable tasks when necessary
  • Participate in informal mentoring of new hires
  • Assist staff in technical areas


  • Follow all firm policies and procedures
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date time reporting records
  • Understand department and firm goals and strategies