QuickBooks® ProAdvisors Spotlight: Anne Slobin

Our team of QuickBooks® ProAdvisors are an integral part of Lewis & Knopf’s Small Business Services department, partnering with clients to provide proactive solutions and support.

Anne Slobin is a manager with over 8 years of experience as a QuickBooks® ProAdvisor. She’s known for being easy-going and friendly and always strives to keep clients happy.

We asked Anne a few questions about QuickBooks® and what it’s like working with the Lewis & Knopf QuickBooks® ProAdvisors.

What is your favorite thing about working with your QuickBooks® clients?

I love being able to help them by seeing what they’re seeing at the same time and walking them through a problem, then seeing the relief when that problem is solved. 

What is something you wish everyone knew about using QuickBooks®?

QuickBooks is so much more than a checkbook. 

What makes the QuickBooks® ProAdvisors at Lewis & Knopf unique?

We are our own little network of sharing ideas, tips, and tricks, and in the end, that is a huge win for our clients.

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