Eight Ways to Update Your Website

As the owner of a small business, you have probably realized the need for an Internet presence in this competitive business environment. However, after you have developed a website, it may become stale if you do not update it on a regular basis. And then there is no reason for clients and prospects to return to your website.

Although every business is different, here are eight possible ways to give your website a fresh look:

  1. Produce a regular news column. The news about your firm might include product or service announcements, new contracts, new employees coming on board, internal promotions and notification of special awards or certifications. These news items can be short—even just a few lines of text linking to a page can do the trick.
  2. Create an online portfolio page. This can spotlight the work you are performing. It can help marketing efforts as you lead potential clients through your website with visual aids.
  3. Write a blog. This is a good way to stay in regular touch with site users. A blog can be added to your website at a relatively small cost—or even no cost—but it does require your time and effort.
  4. Answer “frequently asked questions” (FAQs). You probably are asked some of the same questions over and over again. Put your answers in an FAQ section. Update the list regularly as new questions arise.
  5. Develop a “how to” section. If you showcase how-to information related to your business, you will provide insights to casual browsers. This can establish you as an expert who may be called upon to provide business services.
  6. Tell “before” and “after” client stories. This is an effective means to demonstrate the benefits of using your business. Interview the clients and bolster the concrete details with quotes. 
  7. Provide business statistics. Statistics are interesting, and people often like them. They can make your business appear “real” to clients and show the importance of your products or services.
  8. Post a newsletter. If you already provide a newsletter on a regular schedule, have it posted on your website.  The newsletter enables you to communicate important information while maintaining regular contact with your client base.

To ensure that these content-building ideas move past the idea stage, assume the main responsibility yourself or assign it to someone in the office. If it is another employee, meet with him or her on a regular basis to check the progress.

Select someone who is a good writer, has enthusiasm for the task at hand and is an integral part of the organization. Establish definitive goals for content delivery (e.g., have the writers provide one new piece per week).

If you do not have a viable candidate on staff to prepare website updates—and you are too busy or not equipped to handle the job yourself—you might decide to look outside the company. Numerous writers and firms provide professional services for a fee. Consider it a necessary expense of keeping your site up-to-date.