Market Your Reputation and Your Qualifications

Given the weak state of the economy and the construction industry, you may be reluctant to spend money on marketing your construction firm. However, difficult times call for thinking in a non-traditional way. Spending even a small sum on marketing in a well-thought-out and focused manner can help your contracting firm stand out from your competitors, raise your name recognition in your community, and increase business over time.

What To Say

Focus on your strengths. Think about what it is that makes your contracting firm different from others. Do you have a good track record for completing projects on time and on budget? Do you guarantee work quality? Identify the one or two traits that make your business unique and emphasize those traits in your marketing materials.

Market to the Right Prospects

Think about your market. And then focus your efforts on marketing primarily to prospects that offer the greatest likelihood of generating work. Consider using direct mail to reach this target group. Review prior jobs and put together a list of contacts.

Think outside the box: Aside from owners, perhaps you should be marketing to architects, engineering firms, surveyors, and realtors. All could be likely sources of work or referrals. Contact them and use a letter, a simple brochure, and/or postcards. Keep them informed of equipment updates, additional capabilities, or major projects you’ve been involved in recently.

If your primary sources of business are individual homeowners or small business owners, you may get more out of your marketing dollars by directing them toward community-based activities. Sponsoring a Little League or Pop Warner team or volunteering labor and materials to build a playground or restore a local landmark can be an effective way to market your firm.

Never Ignore Referrals

Do you ask for referrals as often as you should? Referrals are an inexpensive and effective way to market your business. Make it a point to ask the owners of current and past projects you’ve worked on for referrals.

Participate in Trade Shows

You can showcase your company and your capabilities to thousands of prospects when you participate in a trade show. Use videos, printed materials, photos, and even scale models to highlight the types of work your company does. Make sure you have someone knowledgeable about your business available to answer questions from interested prospects.