Our Mission and Values

Helping Clients
Achieve Financial Success

At Lewis & Knopf, we pride ourselves on the unique approach we take toward our client relationships. Working primarily with privately held, entrepreneurial organizations, our services go beyond what you might expect from a traditional accounting firm. While other firms focus solely on the “oversight and control” aspects of a clients’ financial situation, we take a significantly broader view. The ultimate goal of our firm is to help our clients improve their individual financial position and increase their personal net worth.


Our Firm Values

Below are our firm’s core values, which remind us of the attitude we want to demonstrate at every turn in our working relationship with our clients and teammates.

To best serve our clients, we will:

  • Communicate efficiently and effectively
  • Listen and learn about their financial situation
  • Display the highest degree of integrity and honesty
  • Share our knowledge and expertise
  • Present new ideas and initiatives
  • Offer our continued trust and respect

To better serve our teammates, we will:

  • Trust and respect one another
  • Be loyal to the absent
  • Take responsibility for our own work and actions
  • Be open to others’ ideas and suggestions
  • Share and receive feedback openly
  • Promote confidence in others