The key to minimizing taxes is planning. Knowing how the tax laws apply to you or your business is just the beginning; equally important is having a clear vision of your goals and objectives. This coordination of tax knowledge and objectives can open the door to new opportunities and creative strategies.

At Lewis & Knopf, our tax planning and compliance staff continuously monitor federal and state regulatory environments. We believe in frequent communication throughout the year, and we look forward to being engaged with our clients in the regular course of business. Our team has earned its reputation as a trusted, reliable resource for business and personal tax needs.

Tax Preparation

  • Individual, Corporation and Partnership
  • Multi-State
  • Estate and Gift
  • Fiduciary
  • Tax Exempt
  • Private Foundation

Tax Planning

  • Business and Individual
  • Family Groups
  • Estate
  • Retirement
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Other Transactional Planning
  • Business Structure/Restructuring and Choice of Entity
  • Business Succession
  • International Taxation

Examples of Other Specific Tax Services Lewis & Knopf Can Provide

  • Representation on Audits with the IRS or State and Local Jurisdictions
  • Research and Development Credits Analysis and Implementation
  • Tangible Property Regulations Analysis, Implementation and Compliance
  • Ruling Requests from the IRS and States Regarding Specific Transactions
  • ACA Analysis and Consulting