Financial Planning for the Fall

In an article for, Kimberly Palmer outlines some shrewd financial suggestions for your fall financial planning. There are just a few months left to take advantage of things like open enrollment, using up certain types of flex-spending dollars and making contributions to some tax-deductible accounts.

Fall is the perfect time of year to look for areas of overspending, as well as opportunities to change health care plans. Perhaps you did not need as much medical care this past year so opting for a higher deductible plan could save you money in the coming year.

She also suggests getting on top of your flexible spending accounts. If you underestimated your 2012 health care costs, you might want to consider putting more into a flex account for next year. Remember to spend down the money you have put into the account before you lose it.

Some other ideas include checking up on your life and disability insurance coverage, prepping for performance reviews and getting ready for the holidays. In addition, you should also be looking at the possibility of funneling more money into retirement accounts. Proper financial planning in the fall can give you a great start in the New Year.

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