QuickBooks® ProAdvisors Spotlight: Brittan Sepanak

Our team of QuickBooks® ProAdvisors is an integral part of Lewis & Knopf’s Small Business Services department, partnering with clients to provide proactive solutions and support.

Brittan Sepanak has been with Lewis & Knopf since 2020. She has been a QuickBooks® ProAdvisor for one year and has been using QuickBooks® Desktop and QuickBooks® Online for over nine years. She loves solving problems and helping clients implement new software solutions.

We asked Brittan a few questions about QuickBooks® and what it’s like working with the Lewis & Knopf QuickBooks® ProAdvisors.

What is your favorite thing about working with your QuickBooks® clients?

Showing them tips and tricks to help simplify their accounting process and provide solutions to their individual accounting needs.

What is something you wish everyone knew about using QuickBooks®?

I wish everyone knew best practices for their QuickBooks® software and how easy it is to use to help make the lives of you and your accountant easier.

What is your favorite QuickBooks® feature?

My favorite feature of QuickBooks® is the bank feed feature. This allows the client to really take control of their books and “reconcile” on a daily basis. It also gives real-time bank balances as transactions are being cleared. Another great feature is the ability to customize reports to give clients easy access to a report created just for them.

What’s your best “QuickBooks hack”? Do you have any tricks for using QuickBooks® more efficiently?

My favorite “QuickBooks® hack” is the ability for accountants to reclassify transactions, and I love that everyone can create “rules” in the bank feed for easier classification and accounting.

What makes the QuickBooks® ProAdvisors at Lewis & Knopf unique?

We’re unique because each of us specializes in a certain area of Intuit products whether it be QuickBooks® Desktop or QuickBooks® Online, and we communicate with each other on the latest updates. If a client wants to know how to do something in their QuickBooks® software and one person doesn’t know, another person on our team will—otherwise we will research the answer for you.

Another way our team is unique is the ability to help the client from start to finish. We can advise you on what product may work best for you by knowing what has worked in the industry and for your specific needs, and help you with set-up and one-on-one training to get you going. We are always a phone call away if you need any QuickBooks® questions answered!