Ten Social Security Benefits You Didn’t Know You Had

Many Americans don’t realize that Social Security provides medical, disability and dependent coverage for parents, spouses, children and themselves. Do not lose hope for social security. While there are funding problems, these problems can be fixed by Congress.

The Social Security System gives the below benefits to the average person for his or her 10 years (40 quarters) of minimum, entry-level coverage:

  1. Retirement income as early as age 62
  2. Retirement income for spouse as early as 62
  3. Full medical system at age 65
  4. Full medical system for spouse at age 65
  5. Disability benefits
  6. Disability benefits for spouse, even if they have never had earned income
  7. Dependent benefits for disabled, minor or dependent children, even after death of person
  8. Dependent benefits for dependent parents
  9. Childcare benefit for any children under age 16 if person dies
  10. Death benefit for person’s widow

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