QuickBooks® ProAdvisors Spotlight: Sara Ryal

Our team of QuickBooks® ProAdvisors is an integral part of Lewis & Knopf’s Small Business Services department, partnering with clients to provide proactive solutions and support.

Sara Ryal has been with Lewis & Knopf since 2005 and has been a QuickBooks® ProAdvisor since 2018. In addition to her role as a manager, she is a small business services strategy coach, helping them choose more effective processes for their businesses to maximize productivity.

We asked Sara a few questions about QuickBooks® and what it’s like working with the Lewis & Knopf QuickBooks® ProAdvisors.

What is your favorite thing about working with your QuickBooks® clients?

We have 24/7 access to the information to help clients make informed decisions about their business.

What is something you wish everyone knew about using QuickBooks®?

There are reports that can be customized to give you data for whatever you’re looking for. They can give you day-to-day figures, as long as you use QuickBooks® daily to make sure that transactions are being posted. There are many ways to automate the transaction posting process now, which makes this even easier to do.

What is your favorite QuickBooks® feature?

Bank Feeds – automatic downloads from bank and credit cards to post all the transactions on a daily basis. Plus, there are many options to automate the posting process as well.

What’s your best “QuickBooks hack”? Do you have any tricks for using QuickBooks® more efficiently?

Rules in Bank Feeds are essential to automate as much transactional posting as possible – this reduces manual data entry and the potential mistakes that come with it.v

What makes the QuickBooks® ProAdvisors at Lewis & Knopf unique?

The clients that we work with are approximately 95% QuickBooks® clients. That gives us a lot of experience in the QuickBooks® software. Also, our firm invests in sending every employee to conferences once a year to improve our knowledge.